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VCard Burster

So, at Crowe we run Lotus Notes.  (I hate Lotus Notes.)  Sorry, it’s an automatic response.

Anyway, I wanted to export my contacts to sync with my Exchange infrastructure here at the home office.  No problem.  Notes will export to vCards.  Ok, there is a problem.  Notes exports to one huge vCard file with multiple vCards.  Outlook only recognizes files with one vCard.  The net result is that you can only import the first record in the Notes vCard export.

So I wrote a utility which bursts a single vCard file into multiple vCard files so you can double click the ones you want and add them to outlook.  It’s really quick and fairly slick.

I’m working on getting a license created that I can use to distribute free stuff like this, but in the mean time send me an email if you need a copy of the utility (or the code).  I’ll send it to you if you email me.  The standard disclaimers apply… I wrote it for me, it may or may not work for you.

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