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Launching: One Place to Learn Myths and Facts about Suicide

Suicide is a tragic problem shrouded in myth and mystery.  It’s a topic that no one wants to speak of for fear that it will visit their family or friends.  However, the way to ward it off is to talk about it, learn about it, and discover how pain leads to it.  We’ve launched a new web site,, designed to tackle the most pervasive myths about suicide and to help you learn what you can do.

We’re asking for your help in two ways.  First, please provide feedback about what we’ve done well and where we’ve missed the mark.  If you’ve got ideas for how to organize the content, additional myths, or what we can do to help people understand the truth about suicide, we want to know.

Second, if you have a crisis or suicide website that you have influence or control over, would you consider linking to  We want people to find this important content, and we know the best way to do that is from other similar websites.  If you have a website that you believe we should link to, please let us know.

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