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Healthcare Training Materials



Training your entire staff and maintaining their expertise takes time, skill, and availability of resources.  Today’s ever changing world of healthcare requires multiple types of training and ongoing support to assure the required information is available whenever and where ever needed.  Our training connects the why with the how to help staff have a better understanding of why they are required to do the things they are.  This process of “connecting-the-dots” supports your staff in providing the exceptional level of care they desire to provide.  More than providing education we want to provide the support and knowledge your staff needs to best support your patients.

Instructor Led Training

Sometimes education is in the form of an instructor teaching a group of people in a classroom setting.  We can provide classroom instruction for your entire staff or train your staff to provide the necessary information themselves.

We have written and delivered training on a wide variety of healthcare topics ranging from teaching new nurses, reinforcing evidence based practices,  implementing new practices, and learning to use new products and tools.


We  create our own videos to support your ongoing training needs.  We can provide videos for various employees to provide them with a clear view of their role in protecting your patients.  This is particularly helpful with groups of employees with high turnover or in need of appreciation of the importance of the work they do.

We have years of experience developing videos. Our videos are the highest quality technically and instructionally.

Productivity Aids

Recognizing that no one can remember everything they need to know to safely care for their patients we have developed top quality productivity aids to provide a quick review of information when it is needed most.  These productivity aids can be made available in printed or electronic forms to meet the needs of your staff where they are.

We’ve developed productivity aids that range from decision trees and corresponding step-by-step guides to inclusive guides for central line care to quick reference guides related to healthcare associated infection bundles. We have series of flyers to keep attention on specific goals to support sustained improvements.  All of our productivity aids can be customized to correspond with your policies.


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