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August 21, 2005

Key Things an IT Manager at a small or mid-sized organization should know

As some of you know, I write a weekly newsletter for Tech RepublicStrategies that Scale.  That newsletter is targeted towards IT managers of small and mid-sized organizations.  The goal is to provide useful information that helps them grow their IT organization, and their organization as a whole.

I’m looking for your input for future topics.  It can be a topic that you see done wrong all the time and want someone to write about the correct (or a correct) way of doing it.  It can be something that you’ve seen someone do very successfully.  I can even be something that you struggle with or that you’ve learned how to do.  The doors are open, I’d love to hear what you have to say.

You can respond here via comment, or you can send me an email directly (rob[dot]bogue[at]thorprojects[dot]com)

No Searching SharePoint Portal Pages — by default

Something I ran across the other day is that the default content index for Portal Content has an exclusion in it so that it won’t search the actual pages of the Portal.  If you have content editor web parts, or other content that you want to make sure that SharePoint does index, you’ll want to go into SharePoint and remove the exclusion for pages.  You can follow these steps to remove the exclusion

  1. Open the SharePoint Portal Server site
  2. Click on Site Settings
  3. Click Configure search and indexing
  4. Click Manage Content Indexes
  5. Hover over Portal Content, drop down the menu arrow that appears on the right, and select Edit.
  6. Click Manage rules to exclude and include content
  7. Find the entry in the list which is http://yourserver/*.aspx, hover over it, drop down the menu arrow that appears on the right, and select Delete.

The next time the portal content index is refreshed you’ll start getting content from the web part pages as well.

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