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May 23, 2007

Getting an Image thumbnail from WSS 3.0

I recently needed to have thumbnails for some images that we uploaded to SharePoint for display in a thumbnail library.  I couldn’t find any documentation on how to get a thumbnail for an image.  So I fired up Fiddler opened up the script and figured out what the hundreds of lines of JavaScript was doing behind the scenes.

Basically, you take an append _t to the directory, convert the period in the file name to an underscore and append .JPG.  Here are a few examples:

Image URL Thumbnail URL
http://server/site/web/PicLibrary/MyImage.gif http://server/site/web/PicLibrary/_t/MyImage_gif.jpg
http://server/PicLibrary/AnotherImage.jpg http://server/PicLibrary/_t/AnotherImage_jpg.jpg

Using a _w instead of a _t seems to give a slightly larger image.  This might be useful for hover over events.

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