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April 12, 2008

This blog is online with CKS:EBE

This is my first post from CKS:EBE v2.  It’s been a long journey.  For most of the last three years you’ve not been able to comment or track back to my blog posts.  That’s been because the tool I was using before didn’t have any sort of blog spam filtering and when blog spam started to become popular it became a problem to manage.
If you find anything that’s not working on the site please let me know.

Progress on “The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users”

I wanted to provide a quick update on The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users.  First, I have the blog’s branding (i.e. SharePoint Theme) deployed to the site.  Instead of looking like an out of the box SharePoint site it looks like a real branded site.  I’ve love to hear feedback on the branding — or on problems you’re having with it.

Second, I’ve been maintaining a list of links, reviews, and refrences on the site.  If you’re interested in what people have been saying about the book, please check it out.

Third, It looks like the book will be available in standard book distribution VERY soon. already has a page for the book up.  It doens’t yet let you order it, it has no image, no description, etc., however, you can be alerted when it’s available from them.  I’ve signed up for an alert so hopefully I’ll be able to communicate availability here.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has been supporting the project.  I’ve been overwhelmed by the interest in the project.

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