Article: The Value of Imperfect SharePoint Solutions

When we in information technology endeavor to create a solution we’ve been taught to produce complete solutions. We’re conditioned to ignore solutions that don’t completely solve the problem. We strive for that perfect round peg to put through the perfect round hole.

But reality is far from this pristine world. In the world of IT there are rarely round holes — they’re mostly round with a bit of a corner on one side. And the pegs aren’t exactly cylinders, they’re more like cones with a few deformities.

Help Your SharePoint User

With some platforms, such as SharePoint, where we have the ability to quickly create solutions that mostly fit the problem — and create a lot of value — we should do that, create the solution that works and move on.

In this article we’ll talk about some of the imperfect solutions that you can create with SharePoint — and why they’re the right thing to do.