WebCast: Using SharePoint Search to Find Information in Your Enterprise

I’ve been giving a presentation live for 18 months or so.  That presentation explains how SharePoint Portal Search works, shows you how to setup a search for content on your network, how to customize search results, and even shows you how to use SharePoint to search information in your custom applications.
There’s a lot of power in SharePoint Portal Server Search that most folks don’t leverage.   Although the web cast focuses on SharePoint Portal Server 2003 you’ll find that many of the same concepts apply directly to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.
Since I can only be in one place at a time, I’m making the presentation available as a web cast. For now you can get the web cast here (link removed).  If you are going to link to the content please link to this blog post as I may move the web cast in the future.  (If I do I’ll update this post to reflect the new location.)
I hope you enjoy the presentation and I’d appreciate your feedback.
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