STSADM strikes again, Failed to extract the cab file in the solution…

Having more fun with STSADM … I tried doing:

STSADM -o addsolution -filename XmlWebParts.wsp

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and I received back this message:

Failed to extract the cab file in the solution.

When I looked … I had accidentally duplicated a line in the DDF file so a file was being included in the cab file twice with the same name — apparently SharePoint doesn’t like that.

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  1. Dave Joye
    Dave Joye says:

    This can also occure if the filename in the cab has a special char. To repeat this all you need to do is copy your feature file and past it in the same location resulting in a filename “Copy of FEATURE.xml”. Repeate this process of copyng the original “Feature.xml” file to the same feature folder resulting in a filename “Copy (2) of FEATURE.xml”. Now edit your ddf. Build and attempt to add the solution, voila. No its a different error thrown than the one if you have a special char in the manifest file such as an “&” in the description.

  2. Obfuskater
    Obfuskater says:

    Another reason for this error can be the inclusion of forbidden characters in any files you try to provision through the Module element. I was amazed to discover the humble bracket isn’t allowed ().

  3. Matthieu
    Matthieu says:

    Thanks for posting. In my case, my error was also coming from two dots in a file name. I had to rename “btnImage..png” to “btnImage.png”.

  4. Leonardo Masi
    Leonardo Masi says:

    I’m working on a Virtual Machine, without a lot of resources, for example: Disk Space. and this could give you this error too!

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