TechEd EMEA 2008: Quick Integration From SharePoint to Your Application

On Thursday (Nov 13, 2008), I’ll be presenting a session titled “Quick Integration from SharePoint to Your Application” at TechEd EMEA. I wanted to provide a post that would provide access to all of the resources I mention in that talk. So here are those resources:

Help Your SharePoint User
  • Design Your Web Site to be Search Friendly — An older article on the keys to making sure that your web site can be searched by any search engine — including SharePoint.
  • Using SharePoint Search to Find Information in Your Enterprise– A web cast on how to use SharePoint Search to find information in your enterprise — including applications. This web cast was developed for SharePoint Portal Sever 2003 — but all of the concepts still apply today.
  • — A wealth of free resources for learning how to develop in SharePoint
  • SharePoint Guidance on MSDN — A set of guidelines for good development on SharePoint.
  • MOSS SSO Setup Step-by-Step — A step-by-step guide to how to setup SharePoint SSO