Where’s Rob – Spring 2009 Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down with a calendar to see where I’m going to be. So I wanted to let folks know where I’m going to be and we can play our own form of Where’s Waldo. In fact, the first two people at each event to walk up to me and call me Waldo will get a free copy of the SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users — mailed to their house so they don’t have to carry it. (Except for the users groups, I’ll hand them to you there.)

So where am I going to be? My next public event is SharePoint Connections in Orlando March 22nd-March 25th I love this event because it’s big enough to give the attendees the content they need — while keeping that laid back and casual feel. This is my 3rd or 4th year presenting at the conference (I forget.)

I get to do my “All About SharePoint Workflows” all day pre-conference again. Basically, it’s the core stuff you need to know about writing workflows in SharePoint — in a day. Generally you’re taking a several day class to get this much content. If you don’t believe me that there’s a ton of content here, you should ask someone from last year. There’s a workshop fee for this session.

In the main content I’m talking about “Getting Your SharePoint Project Started Right”, “SharePoint Workflow Forms”, and “Custom Authentication for SharePoint”.

Getting Your SharePoint Project Started Right is a getting started spin on the governance and planning aspects of a SharePoint project. You’ll learn the things that tend to make SharePoint projects spin out of control and what you can do about them.

SharePoint Workflow Forms is a conversation and demos around building forms for Workflow. We’ll talk about Association, Instantiation, task forms, etc. — if we have time we’ll even talk about routing forms as the payload of workflows.

The Custom Authentication for SharePoint talk has me rebooting my virtual machine in the middle of it (because you pretty much have to do that to get FBA to work) — so it’s always great fun to see my say a little prayer on stage. I’ll be showing you how to write your own membership provider for ASP.NET + what you need to make it work with SharePoint.

Next up for me will be TechEd NA 2009 May 11th-15th in Los Angeles. I get to do a slightly different edition of workflow “SharePoint Workflow in a Day”. I also get to do “Patterns with Microsoft SharePoint” — that’s a session based on the work I’ve been honored to do with The Microsoft Patterns and Practices team on the SharePoint Guidance. If you made it to the talk I did at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference you’ll know I get just a tad bit excited while delivering this content. It’s good stuff.

The next public sessions after that are at SPTechCon in Boston June 22nd-24th. I get to deliver a “Tour of Development Governance” and “Getting Just Enough Governance”. Both talks are about how you can get governance in your organization without destroying adoption or engagement. One is more developer/development lead/architect focused (guess which one) and the other is more about the business of governance for business analysts, project managers, managers, and business leaders. (Remember, I define governance as “risk management” — so it’s all about managing risks to your SharePoint implementation and your business.)

On a more regional level, I’m also doing a SharePoint Governance event in central Illinois April 8th. This is a half day session on what you need to know to keep your SharePoint deployment out of trouble. It’s an invitation only event, but send me an email if you need an invitation.

I’m also going to be speaking at the Kentucky SharePoint Group on April 16th. I’ll be talking about Governance there as well, although I don’t remember nailing down exactly what specific aspect we’ll be discussing. At any rate, we’ll make it interesting.