Central IL SharePoint Users Group

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of speaking at the inaugural Central Illinois SharePoint Users Group in Springfield. I did a topic called “Do You Know SharePoint.” The deck is built around the idea that there are tons of things about SharePoint that most folks don’t know. We talked about Content Types, Word, and QuickParts (get users to enter metadata without knowing it) and globally deployed site templates – and why they can be valuable sometimes.

Help Your SharePoint User

With 35 people in attendance for an initial meeting the group is off to a great start. If you’re interested in sponsoring or participating contact Darrin Bishop for more details.

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  1. Mike Walsh
    Mike Walsh says:

    Fascinating stuff. But *with my STS/WSS hat on* I’d like to mutter about this one

    The original name of
    SharePoint was Office
    Web Server”

    The SPS/MOSS line maybe …


  2. Mike Walsh
    Mike Walsh says:

    Robert, I don’t think it matters if you were talking about the internal name.

    My strong feeling is that the two different lines had two different internal names!

    It wouldn’t in fact surprise me if the internal pirate development that became SharePoint Team Services actually never had an internal name – weren’t those only given to approved development projects?

    Not that I have any internal knowledge you appreciate, but my guess is that Office Web Server was the internal name of SPS 2001. (Only).

    It’s only trivia of course so not really worth fighting about, but if you will put these things on your slides ….


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