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January 17, 2023

WingingIT Launch

The first person I ever co-led a workshop with was Eric Shupps.  We have so many memories, including the time that I got told that I was hard to listen to.  We both thought that Eric would be the one that got flagged for difficult to listen to first.  (I took out a $20 and told him that he won.)  Over a decade ago, Eric was one of my co-conspirators on the Microsoft ECM Implementers Course that was available for partners.

We’ve started a new video podcast where we talk about some of the things that we’ve encountered along the way.  We’re starting with the state of enterprise content management in SharePoint and Microsoft 365 – as well as why we call it “content services” occasionally.

It’s a fun time and a great way to understand the real story about Microsoft technology – along with some interesting stories about how we ended up here.

Check it out the second Thursday of every month.

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