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Debugging in the GAC

There are sometimes when your assembly almost has to be in the GAC and when you need to debug it.  This was difficult since if you registered a .NET assembly into the GAC the debugger wouldn’t break on it.  This is because the .PDB file information didn’t get loaded since it’s not in the same […]

Creating Artifacts — what you don’t know

[Authors Note: There’s a very interesting discussion brewing about what artifacts are good and what artifacts are bad. Check it out.] Just as artifacts from ancient times give us information about early man, the documents and presentations you create in IT can give insight into your technology initiatives. We know relatively little about the humans […]

Developing a data communications strategy

Any data communications proposal can look good on paper until you dissect it by evaluating its reliability, expandability, and complexity. Whether your organization has two sites or two hundred sites, figuring out how to manage the data communications between those sites can be a real challenge. With a vast array of options, it’s often hard […]

Requirement: Collaboration

The next time I see a requirements document which says they want “collaboration” my response is going to be to ask… “Why do you want to cooperate treasonably with a foreign power?” Maybe that will jar people into asking what they mean by collaboration.  (Asking what they mean by collaboration doesn’t seem to work in […]

Anatomy of a Software Development Role: Development Manager

It is possible to believe that there is nothing left to be done. That all of the roles outlined thus far is all that is needed to make the process work. However, the role of the development manager is critical to the long-term success of the software development team. The role that the development manager […]

SharePoint: Cannot complete this action. Please try again.

Another one of those lovely SharePoint error messages … This one leaves me wondering what I do when it doesn’t work the second time I try it.  (Or the hundredth since I’m getting it back from code running against the API.) … I’ve got to get my library of least favorite SharePoint error messages up. […]

The SharePoint IRunTimeFilter is a good idea but the implementation…

Mike Donovan’s post got me interested in how IRuntimeFilter could be used to replicate SharePoint Portal Server audience/targeting feature in Windows SharePoint Services.  There are several situations I’ve run into where the SPS targeting is a compelling feature for Portal Server but the limitation of 10,000 areas was a problem.  (By way of reference, I […]

Create a path to reach your strategy

If you’re having trouble getting your team to execute on its strategy then you may need to lay out the path in more detail than you already have. Here’s how. Many organizations find developing a strategy a difficult and time consuming process, one that they’re so exhausted by they just hope that it will implement […]

Key Things an IT Manager at a small or mid-sized organization should know

As some of you know, I write a weekly newsletter for Tech Republic — Strategies that Scale.  That newsletter is targeted towards IT managers of small and mid-sized organizations.  The goal is to provide useful information that helps them grow their IT organization, and their organization as a whole. I’m looking for your input for […]

No Searching SharePoint Portal Pages — by default

Something I ran across the other day is that the default content index for Portal Content has an exclusion in it so that it won’t search the actual pages of the Portal.  If you have content editor web parts, or other content that you want to make sure that SharePoint does index, you’ll want to […]