Extinguish Burnout to Ignite Engagement

No one wants to dread coming into work. No one wants to work with Negative Nellie or Complaining Carl. Changing your attitude – and the attitude of your coworkers – isn’t hard once you know the secrets. Learn how to identify and resolve burnout in yourself and your coworkers.  Learn to love what you do, where you work, and even who you work with.

In the eyes of some of your colleagues, you see the fire of passion and engagement. You know that they’re going to make a change in the world, and you want that fire, too. You can have it. Harness that fire so you are driven to greatness – without becoming burnt up in the process.

In this session, you’ll learn how to reignite and control your fire, so that you can get things done without burning out.

Cincinnati, OH

Records, Retention, and Discovery with SharePoint

SharePoint has an array of options for retaining, discovering, and declaring content.  Records centers and in-place retention are both options.  With so many overlapping options and features, the problem is often how to determine which feature to use.  We’ll dispel the mystery of what you can and can’t do in SharePoint (including Online).  Learn how to create holds, how to declare records in SharePoint, and the protections afforded to documents in every scenario.

From Information Professional to Change Agent

In our efforts to digitally transform our organizations, we feel increasing pressure to implement new technologies, processes and policies. And this is in addition to our day jobs. When these implementations are not perceived as being useful to our colleagues, customers and partners, we’ve got an even bigger challenge on our hand. This session is designed to help information professionals become change leaders with a framework for translating implementation plans into value and enrichment for all the stakeholders.

Key Takeaways;

  • What you can do to facilitate and encourage change in your organization – with or without executive sponsorship
  • How to communicate what needs to happen across the organization
  • How to fight with Judo instead of Karate – so you don’t have to be exhausted

Delivering on the Promise of Office 365

Managing information today means that you’ll likely be managing multiple platforms. Even if you’ve standardized on Office 365, you’re likely using different tools for different functionality. How do you make SharePoint and Office 365 deliver value as an intelligent information management platform? This roundtable is for O365 users who want to discuss best practices for:

  • Identifying appropriate and inappropriate scenarios for SharePoint
  • Designing content import strategies
  • Configuring search to improve findability
  • Selecting the right SharePoint components to create a user experience
  • Selecting and configuring information protection tools

Office 365 End User Adoption: A Deep Dive into Building a Successful End User Adoption Campaign

We all want to have our teams be more productive inside our business applications – simply turning on an application and letting employees “figure it out” leaves many people feeling frustrated, and they will go back to using the things they know well.

Do you currently have an adoption plan, a process, a campaign to roll out new applications and introduce new team members to what you already have? If so, is it working well? Either way, there is always room for improvement and different perspectives. Adoption campaigns should always be focused on the value that employees will get from the tools.

This session showcases a tried and true end-user adoption method and a detailed dive into building an Office 365 End User Adoption Campaign inside your Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Planner, and OneNote in your tenant with proven strategies for success.

Heather, Rob, and Karuana are Office 365 and adoption experts with a variety of expertise across IT, organizational change management, and marketing. This is a hands-on workshop where you will walk away with a campaign plan template set up in your tenant (if you so choose).

Attendees can also follow the steps at a later time. Heather will share stories, examples, and best practices so you can use what you learn in the workshop over and over again inside your business. These strategies can be applied when new Office 365 Applications or any applications are launched and for when you need to train your new hires.

In this workshop, you will take away:
• A step by step end-user adoption schedule built out inside your Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Planner, and OneNote.
• Real-world examples for each item in the plan.
• A communication plan with templates you can use for your end-user campaign.
• Practical tips and tricks that you can adapt and re-use.

Bring your laptop if you would like to build or take notes as we go.

San Diego, CA

Ten Tips That Will Get Employees to Read What You Write

You’re constantly reminding, nudging, and nagging employees to do the things that you need for them to do, or to stop doing the things you need them to stop.  Imagine a world where employees want to hear everything that you have to say.  You’re exhausted from the questions that you’ve explained in your email.  How can you change the pattern and get them to want to read what you’ve written?  In this fast-paced session, we’ll cover ten things that you can do to get users to read what you write.  You don’t to do all ten all the time, just a few subtle shifts can increase your response rate, decrease your time, and improve everyone’s attitude.  In this session, you’ll get a chance to practice your new skills through interactive writing exercises.

Indianapolis, IN

Burnout Prevention and Recovery

We’ve all been there. We’ve felt burnt out. Perhaps we even feel burnt out today. If you’re not experiencing burnout, the odds are someone close to you is. In this interactive session, you’ll learn the drivers that cause and sustain burnout. You’ll discover simple techniques to make yourself and those around you more resilient to burnout and prevent it from happening in the first place. Pulling research and writings from many disciplines, we’ll help you learn what you can do — without much additional effort — to prevent and recover from burnout.

Keynote: Records Management Today and Into the Future

Records management has changed.  No longer relegated to watching over boxes of paper in the basement, records management can be a vital part of the information governance team.  We’ve transitioned from an industrial age to an information age, where records managers’ roles are to enable everyone in the organization to identify important information for both retention and destruction.  Learn three key things that power this transformation: managing the utility-risk problem, removing classification barriers, and value mapping.

Additional information coming soon!

Change Management Skills for the Information Professional

So, you have a project. Technically, you’re a wiz! The challenge lies in the buy-in of your peers, coworkers, and C-Suite. Unfortunately, user adoption can be the downfall of many projects. Don’t let your project be a statistic— join us for a day of immersive learning as we show you how to work through the skills and techniques needed to ensure you have a successful change management strategy. After this session, you’ll know exactly how to communicate the value of a project as well as onboard your team and stakeholders.