Irvine, CA

Office 365 Isn’t Cloudy

October 20, 2015 @ 8:30 am – 2:30 pm
Microsoft and Metalogix
3 Park Plaza
Irvine, CA 92614

Organizations of all sizes are learning to trust Microsoft to host their infrastructure. Instead of battling uptime with power, connectivity, and cooling, organizations are finding that the right solution is sometimes to ask Microsoft to run their infrastructure. In this session we’ll walk through the differences between running your own local infrastructure and moving to the capabilities of the cloud. Learn how you can leverage the cloud technologies that Microsoft is innovating on while getting better service on the services you’re already hosting yourself.

Along the way we’ll talk about the unique challenges for the cloud and what to do to get past them. Whether you’re concerned about your data, how users will login, or how to help your users make the transition, we’ll guide you to the right path – to the cloud.

Driving innovation with Office365 and Azure – Microsoft

Whether you’re considering the transformation to Office 365, or already bought-in and building your roadmap for success, the underlying technical innovation supporting your efforts has evolved more rapidly than ever.

This session will not only explore some of the key innovations addressing business needs, but also how IT organizations can leverage them to realize even more impact to your business. This session will cover the integration of Azure capabilities with Office 365 to make your move, and management of the cloud, more efficient for your business.

From Adoption to Operational Consumption: The Journey of moving to Office 365 – Metalogix

Embracing Office 365 requires decisions involving the movement of critical workloads (email, unified communications, collaboration, etc) at the lowest cost, risk and complexity to your business.

In this session we will share our customers’ real-world strategies and methodologies for architecting, on-boarding and operationalizing your users and information assets in Office 365. Gain practical advice, on how this technological journey changes the focus of IT organizations day-to-day activities and discover high-value solutions that will radically improve the adoption of rapid innovation.

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