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Conflict De-escalation and Resolution

CNSs encounter conflict frequently. Because of the impact of conflict in healthcare, all CNSs need training in conflict resolution and de-escalation. However, few CNSs have been trained to truly understand the components of conflict or effective methods to resolve it.

By learning to identify the conditions that create conflict, the causes that trigger it, and the techniques for resolving it, the CNS will be better prepared. Success under conditions of high stress, risk, ambiguity, and complexity require effective conflict resolution skills. While it is impossible for the CNS to resolve all conflict without the collaboration of the interdisciplinary team, it is their centrality to healthcare that places CNSs in the position where they can take the lead in these efforts.

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Don’t Get Sucked In: Maintaining Healthy Professional Boundaries

Clinical Nurse Specialists have the obligation to maintain professional therapeutic boundaries with patients and fellow health care professionals.  While providing care and support, relationships can develop that may lead to a blurring of these boundaries.

Professional boundaries are a tenet in the nursing code of ethics, but these boundaries are frequently crossed without nurses recognizing the impact.  It is necessary to educate Clinical Nurse Specialists about professional therapeutic boundaries to enable them to not only provide compassionate, patient-centered care but also to assist other staff in providing this care without crossing these boundaries.


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Extinguish Burnout: Practical Guidance for Prevention and Recovery

Everyone in healthcare is experiencing increased demands on their time, resources, and energy; this, combined with systems that are not designed to support the expanding daily work, has resulted in increased rates of burnout.  Burnout among healthcare professionals is reaching epidemic proportions, with over 50% of physicians and 30% of nurses reporting signs of burnout.  While the evidence demonstrates that burnout is becoming a norm in healthcare, it is rarely discussed among these professionals.  Too often, burnout is considered a personal problem affecting only the person experiencing burnout; however, in healthcare, burnout also affects the entire healthcare system. 

Simplifying SharePoint Security

Securing your SharePoint sites doesn’t need to be some black-box mystery or some mystic art practiced by monks. You can create security that works for your users’ needs, and you can troubleshoot security when you can’t figure out why people do – or don’t – have permission. Security is built on simple concepts – but on a lot of them. We’ll help you organize and understand what permissions do and don’t do so you can set and manage security in your sites. In this session, you’ll identify the role of various components in the setup of SharePoint security, including permissions, permission levels, and inheritance. You’ll select the appropriate agent rights assignment, whether directly to the user, through a SharePoint group, or using an Active Directory group. And you’ll troubleshoot and resolve permission problems​.

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Organized Chaos: Governing in a World of Proliferating Files

Storage growth continues to climb. Search technology gets better, and more files make it a harder problem. Legal discovery requests generate massive legal costs as your attorneys review the materials being turned over to the opposing attorneys. There are tools built into the platform to help you get your arms around these challenges and the costs. In this session, we’ll blend information architecture principles and platform provisions for helping you be successful at retaining the information that you need and ditching what isn’t adding value. We’ll top that off with some techniques to reassure your users and engage them in the process. In this session, you’ll identify the information governance challenges. You’ll design strategies to govern files with loose control. And you’ll develop strategies for engaging users in the process.

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Enterprise Content Management on Office 365

Whether you’re coming from files on file shares and desktops or a traditional enterprise content management system, SharePoint on-premises or Online can tame the content hydra and make you feel like you’re in control of the process instead of being dragged along behind it. Learn all about the content management features in SharePoint, including those that have been in the platform for a dozen years and those that are new to the party. You’ll learn about advanced features like digital loss protection, records management, retention, eDiscovery, and more. We’ll also resolve any lingering concerns you may have about the ability for SharePoint to scale to address your needs and concerns about the ability to automate your processes. In this session, you’ll identify SharePoint content management capabilities. You’ll select configurations of content management functionalities to match requirements. And you’ll create controlled document management strategies​.

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Doing Digital Transformation: Enabling Employees

Microsoft is delivering on the technologies and services you need for a digital transformation in your organization. However, the organization isn’t cooperating. There’s resistance at every level to the changes that will create obvious value. But that can change. In this session, you’ll learn tools and techniques to evaporate the resistance and build a band of brothers to help you unleash the potential in your organization. Like riding a bike, once you get the hang of it, transforming behaviors can be natural. In this session, you’ll learn techniques that can act as training wheels until you don’t need them any more. WIII-FM, ethnography, hassle maps, personality types, basic motivators, and more can get you started on the ride of your life. In this session, you’ll identify the forces of resistance. You’ll synthesize a plan for neutralizing resistance. And you’ll develop a calling for the transformation.

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Designing Departmental Sites

You may have control of the home page. You may be responsible for helping departments get their sites created. However, ultimately, they’ve got to update it themselves. You don’t have time to create content for every department. You can, however, help them to be successful by helping them understand how to think from the perspective of their internal users and what they need. In this session, you’ll learn how to help departments understand the separation between their needs and others’ needs. You’ll learn how to help departments build a site that focuses on their internal consumers. Take these materials back home and use them to engage your departments in creating their own place on the intranet that serves their needs. In this session, you’ll distinguish between communication and collaboration needs. You’ll be able to create a user-focused catalog of services. And you’ll develop departmental sites that are useful to users outside the department​.

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SharePoint & Office 365: What’s New, What’s Happening, and What’s Important

SharePoint and Office 365 have always been a powerful platform for intelligently managing content but the changes that have been made – and are being made to the platforms are transforming the capabilities that you have to manage content in your organization.  In this webinar you’ll learn more about the things that have happened to the platform in 2019 including document sets becoming more modern, changing the management of document templates, page authoring enhancements, and more.

We’ll also talk about the important enhancements and changes that will be coming to the platform in 2020.  We’ll review the announcements that Microsoft made at the Microsoft Ignite conference and decode what’s important to you as an information practitioner.

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Burnout: Prevention and Recovery

We’ve all been in burnout – and even if you’re not right now, the odds are someone close to you is. In this interactive session, you’ll learn the drivers that cause and sustain burnout. You’ll discover simple techniques to make yourself and those around you more resilient to burnout and prevent it from happening in the first place. Pulling research and writings from many disciplines, we’ll help you learn what you can do — without much additional effort — to prevent and recover from burnout.