Austin, TX

Do This, Not That (and Why) for SharePoint End User Adoption

Are you tired of hearing the same tired story of get executive support for your SharePoint adoption with no guidance on how to do that? Are you tired of talks that tell you all the things that you should be doing? Instead of looking at the things that you should be doing, we’ll look at the things that you should stop doing. We’ll talk about what doesn’t work and why. We’ll show you how you can change what you’re doing and get better results – not increase what you’re doing.

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Austin, TX

Effective Internal Communications Channels

Creating an effective internal communication strategy for your organization is only as optional as struggling to survive is. In today’s competitive employment environment, it’s essential that you’re able to attract and retain the best talent. That means knowing how to communicate effectively with people, whether they’re getting ready for retirement or breathing new energy into the corporate environment.

Communications strategies recognize that each medium has strengths and weaknesses. They also recognize that organizations have their own unique and sometimes quirky style of communications that fits the environment, industry, and organizational culture. This session will walk you through the major decisions to be made in creating an internal communication strategy, identify and clarify key areas, and teach you essential skills for ensuring that your communications will be effective.

If you use code BogueA19, you can save $200 on registration! Click the banner below to register now!

Microsoft Teams from the business user’s perspective

Join us at our meetup and tell us your opinion on Microsoft Teams from the business user perspective. How are you using it and how does it integrate with other Office 365 services? Do you face any challenges? We are here to talk, share, collaborate, and take away from this meetup the best Microsoft Teams experiences which will help all of us maximum usage of this service.

Burnout: Prevention and Recovery

Join Rob and Terri at the MAC as they discuss how to prevent and recover from burnout. There’s no cost to attend this event, and a light dinner will be provided.

Conflict De-escalation and Resolution

Join Rob and Terri at the MAC as they discuss conflict de-escalation and resolution. There’s no cost to attend this event, and a light dinner will be provided.

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Artificial Intelligence: Promise and Problems

The ability to understand and use technology has now become basic survival skill. Applying traditional tools, techniques, and processes are just not enough. There is no doubt that rapid technological advances are changing the way we work – not just in terms of the jobs that we do, but the way we do them, who we work with, the innovation it brings to the business, and how we plan for the future.

In this virtual event, you will learn different approaches for applying these new technologies to common information management use cases and challenges, including information classification, deep learning and analytics, capture and content management, repetitive processes, data protection and information security, and overall business transformation.

Implementing Information Management on SharePoint In-Person Class

Join Jesse Wilkins as he teaches our Implementing Information Management on SharePoint and Office 365 class in person!

Learn best practices for managing information effectively in SharePoint. Every organization is faced with a deluge of information. This practical course teaches you how to make SharePoint deliver value as an information management platform (and includes in-class labs).

This is an in-person classroom course. All study materials and exam are included in the course, and though self directed, our training modules will take you step by step through the course fully preparing you for the final exam (exam is multiple choice and true/false and you have three attempts to pass). Course access is good for six months and after passing the Master exam, you will earn the applicable certificate.

This course will help you:

  • Identify appropriate and inappropriate scenarios for SharePoint
  • Design content import strategies
  • Configure search to improve findability
  • Select SharePoint components to create a user experience
  • Select and configure information protection tools
  • Earn the AIIM Master designation after passing the corresponding online exam

Getting Everyone On Board: User Adoption in a Crowded World

You’re sold on the new vision for the organization and the Microsoft tools that are going to help make that happen, but how can you get everyone else on board?  In this meetup, we’ll talk about the successes that folks have with driving adoption throughout the organization – and share the challenges of getting everyone in the organization to engage with the solutions that are available to them. 


Patient Centered Care

Join Terri at the MAC as she discusses patient-centered care in various healthcare settings!

Changing to a Knowledge Management Culture

Learn the three key things that you need to understand to create a successful knowledge management program – and none of them are knowledge management.  Communication, human psychology, and the ability to think in systems are key to success – learn why.