St. Louis, MO

“Delve” into SharePoint Search in the Cloud

Search experiences haven’t changed much in 30 years. The user issues the search and results – relevant or not – are displayed. However, with digital natives becoming a greater influence in the market, are the traditional ways of searching even relevant? We’ll look at how traditional search is changing to support a hybrid experience with search being delivered for content on premises and in the cloud. We’ll also talk about a different view of improving information access through Delve and the power of the Office Graph to learn about what is interesting to a user through signals from the organization, from the user, and from the others the user is connected to.


San Antonio, TX

SharePoint and Office 365 for Information Management: ride the wave or wait on the beach?

The Microsoft Office 365 platform continues to evolve. In this session, we’ll take a realistic look at using the platform for records management and information management. We’ll discuss the change management implications for today’s users and whether it’s time to embrace the updates — or wait them out.

San Antonio, TX

Office 365 and Collaboration: the right tools for the job

Yammer. Groups. Teams. SharePoint. Exchange. Planner — and more. The Office 365 platform offers a plethora of options for communicating within and outside your organization. Striking the right balance between enabling collaboration and protecting information requires careful consideration. We’ll look at the Microsoft offerings and develop a rational model for determining which tool should be used when — or if at all.

Minneapolis, MN

Conflict Resolution for the Infection Preventionist Improving Collaboration and Patient Outcomes

​The complex, high-stress, and emotionally-laden environment of healthcare frequently leads to conflict. Patient safety and quality care are dependent on collaborative relationships among healthcare team members, effective communication, and a collaborative work environment. By learning to identify the conditions that create conflict, the causes that trigger it, and the techniques for resolving conflict, infection preventionists will be better prepared.

Indianapolis, IN

Don’t Get Sucked In: Maintaining Healthy Professional Boundaries

As the most trusted profession, nurses have the obligation to maintain professional therapeutic boundaries with their patients. Understanding the boundaries necessary and methods to secure them will protect all involved and support the patient being a full partner in care.​

Detroit, MI

Do This, Not That (And Why) for SharePoint End User Adoption

SharePoint Saturday Detroit is a free community‐focused SharePoint event dedicated to educating and engaging members of the local technical community. SharePoint Saturday draws upon the expertise of local SharePoint IT professionals, developers and solutions architects who come together to share their real world experiences, lessons learned, best practices, and general knowledge with other like‐minded individuals.

Louisville, KY

Practical Information Architecture in SharePoint

There will be no fancy words (that aren’t made fun of) and no complex mathematical models. In this session you’ll learn to take content types, site columns, and navigation options and assemble them into an information architecture that your organization can actually use. Learn how Managed Metadata Services can help you ensure consistency while location-based default metadata can help to drive metadata “entry”. This session delivers information architecture you can do.

Cincinnati, OH

Do This, Not That (and Why) for SharePoint End User Adoption

Are you tired of hearing the same tired story of get executive support for your SharePoint adoption with no guidance on how to do that? Are you tired of talks that tell you all the things that you should be doing? Instead of looking at the things that you should be doing, we’ll look at the things that you should stop doing. We’ll talk about what doesn’t work and why. We’ll show you how you can change what you’re doing and get better results – not increase what you’re doing.

Indianapolis, IN

Enough Scarcity

Like a spark, an idea smolders in the mind until it is shared with someone…Once shared, that spark has the power to ignite a fire that can blaze a viral path!

Each month business owners, business development people and professionals just like you will converge with thought leaders at Sparks. This TED inspired event features 3 timed talks where new ways of thinking in the areas of personal & business development, marketing, technology, motivation and inspiration will be shared.

Those in attendance will be inspired to think in new ways and grow personally.

December’s theme is “Truth About Scarcity”. Come and watch Rob talk about how he’s had enough of scarcity.

San Jose, CA

Quality Content at Minimal Bandwidth: Optimizing Training Content Size

Creating courses invariably means importing media. These days it means images, audio, and video. The challenge comes when you’re trying to get that content to an increasingly mobile and diverse workforce. How can you minimize the size of your assets without compromising on quality? Learn the essentials of sizing and compression that will lead to beautiful results with minimal sizes.

Additional information coming soon!