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Catalyst - a person or thing that precipitates an event
It was 8th grade science when we first learned about catalysts. It was an eye opening experience. How could something accelerate a reaction without being used up? How could the presence of something cause the reaction to complete quicker? That’s the magic of a catalyst. A catalyst accelerates what’s already happening – or kick starts the transformation process.

In the organizations we work with we’re the catalyst. We kick start the process. We get the transformation off and running. Sometimes what an organization needs is someone to model the behavior. Other times it’s someone who can see the root cause. Other times it’s just to be trained on what the new behavior is.  Other times it involves facilitating conversations to build relationships.

It doesn’t matter to us how we are able to accelerate your change our objective is to help you get the change that you’re looking for whether that’s the implementation of a new technology, practice guidelines, or the development of a new culture.

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