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Innovation is about bringing a new perspective to problems and new techniques to solving problems. Foundationally we’re innovators. We love to create solutions that are innovative. We’ve written about how to improve innovation in organizations in the book Smarter Innovation: Using Interactive Processes to Drive Better Business Results. We’ve reviewed many books on creativity and innovation including:


However, this is just academic. Here are some real innovative solutions that we’ve developed in our world:

  • Glass, file cabinets, and door frames – A tempered glass top placed in a door frame that has been notched and set on top of file cabinets are quite literally how our desks are made. We get plenty of storage a clean surface, and a great deal of utility out of a low cost solution.
  • Vertical lighting truss – We needed sturdy and stable to mount the cameras for the studio along with the preview monitors. The solution was to vertically mount a lighting truss and clamp the monitors and cameras on to it so we have a camera “tower.” The solution even uses counter weighted camera mounts to allow them to remain stable and adjusted with a single finger.
  • Teleprompter-Scope – In 2009 we developed a teleprompter – but one that didn’t require expensive scan converter devices to flip the signal. The solution was simple, design the teleprompter like a periscope so the image was already flipped – twice.
  • Standup Comedy to be a better presenter – Getting really good at being a presenter is difficult because there are so few opportunities to learn how to refine the craft. The solution was to take a standup comedy course – and an improvisation comedy course. All for the purpose of improving presentations.
  • Hybrid physical-electronic signatures –Electronic signatures have a quality of non-repudiation – that is they indicate the contents haven’t been tampered with – that physical signatures don’t offer. In some situations a physical signature is required for contracts and reviews. In order to introduce anti-tampering we create the same hash used for electronic signatures and print it on the signature page. If the hash on the page the user signed matches the hash from the electronic file we know the file hasn’t been tampered with.

Innovation isn’t bolted on to our existing processes. It’s a part of our core make up. We bring solutions that have worked for other clients and work in other industries to bear on our problems – and our client’s problems.

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