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Polymath - a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning


It was April of 2004 when Rob wrote the article for titled “Renaissance Man” describing how someone could cultivate their natural talent to learn in multiple areas – and become a modern day Renaissance man. That’s what a polymath is. It’s someone with skills in multiple domains and it’s often associated with some of the great figures of the Renaissance. Michelangelo and Da Vinci are from this time and are both known for mastering multiple areas.

Over the years we’ve struggled as the market seeks to pigeon hole us into just one bucket. We’re not just SharePoint, technology, or healthcare – experts. We’ve also helped organizations motivate and focus employees. We’ve helped organizations change their culture and be better at what they do.

The industries are as diverse as government, healthcare, chemical manufacturing, durable goods manufacturing, technology, and non-profit organizations. Our goal is to learn everything that we do to a mastery level.

Take a look at the business consulting, healthcare consulting, and technical consulting services we offer.

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