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Thanks for visiting.  Please find below some resources that you are free to download and pass along.

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Email Series

  • 30 Office Tips – Thirty two-minute tips that will help you use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote better.
  • Communications Tips – A series of video tips for learning how to communicate better in your organization.  Learn how to write emotionally, in story, and like an inverted Egyptian.
  • Conflict – Learn to de-escalate and resolve conflict in this email and video series.
  • Creating Engagement – Engaging isn’t educating.  Our goal in getting people engaged isn’t to inform, it’s to create intrigue.  These videos provide examples of how to engage your audience in an Office 365 migration.
  • Secret SharePoint – Learn 27 tips for using SharePoint to solve real problems without any third party tools.  Step-by-step instructions and conceptual guides make it easy for you to deliver SharePoint solutions.


  • Joining a Teams Meeting – This resource will help you with all your Teams meeting needs, from joining a meeting via web browser to troubleshooting your devices and identifying the different buttons and functions. (Clicking this link will take you to our sister site,

White Papers

  • The Actors in Training Development – The SME isn’t the only person involved in developing training. Learn more about who is actually involved in your training programs.
  • Create an Azure Active Directory Application – Learn how to create an application using .NET that integrates into Azure Active Directory for authentication.
  • Creating an Employee Birthday Calendar – Step-by-step instructions for how to put the pieces of SharePoint together to create a birthday calendar for all employees.
  • Deidentifying Data – Learn to protect personally identifiable information with a simple, Excel-based approach.
  • Designing Departmental Sites – Departments think they need one SharePoint site to collaborate and to share with the rest of the organization.  Learn why this isn’t so and how to create the public site the department needs to show off it’s services to the rest of the organization.
  • Developing Office 365 Personas – Creating personas for your users seems difficult if you’ve never done it.  Learn how to make this process simple and to create believable personas that can sharpen your discussions and your communications.
  • Effective Internal Communications Channels – Corporate communication is difficult.  Learn how to leverage multiple channels and how to write better content to improve the responsiveness of your users.
  • Evolution of an Intranet – Intranets in every organization evolve from the simple to the feature rich.  Learn how to expect your intranet will grow and how to shape the growth for maximum value.
  • How Many Teams, Sites, Libraries, and Folders? – Get real guidance on how many SharePoint and Office 365 containers you should have.
  • Integrated Office 365 Identity Using Azure AD Connect – Connecting your on-premises Active Directory to Azure couldn’t be easier than using Azure Active Directory Connect — if your directory is clean.  Learn how to ensure that your migration to Office 365 will go without a hitch by resolving problems during the synchronization process.
  • Intranet Roadmap – If you’ve never had an intranet, or your intranet hasn’t been well adopted, learn how to create an intranet the users love and will want to engage with.
  • Managing Controlled Documents in SharePoint – Controlled documents aren’t always difficult.  While SharePoint has all of the features you need, you need to learn how to put them in place in a way that allows you ensure that you’ll properly control your documents.
  • Measuring Learning Effectiveness – A lot of money and effort is spent on training and rarely do organizations have the capacity to verify the learning was effective.  Learn how learning works and what you need to do to measure it’s effectiveness.
  • Office 365 Authentication Using ADFS – Office 365 authentication options are powerful but still limited.  Learn how to integrate ADFS with Office 365 so that you can have fine-tuned control over who gets authenticated, on what devices, and when.
  • A One Click Link to Start a OneDrive Sync for a SharePoint Library – If users are having a hard time finding “where you put their files,” a one-click link to synchronize libraries will make a world of difference.
  • The Road Ahead: Knowledge Management and Records Management Converge with Office 365 – Knowledge and records managers frequently seem to be at odds. Learn how to bring them together for effective information governance.
  • SharePoint Site Collection Security Strategy – Setting up security in SharePoint can be scary.  It’s hard to know how to implement security in a way that will continue to be easy to manage in the future.  Learn how to manage SharePoint groups, Active Directory Groups, permission levels, and inheritance to create security solutions that work and are easy to manage.


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