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Designing Departmental Sites

designing departmental sites

Designing departmental sites is more than just creating a site and letting it run itself. In fact, it often means you’re not creating a single site at all. You really need two sites to fulfill your corporate needs: the internally-facing site for those working within the department and the externally-facing site for those outside of the department. It can be hard enough to decide what (and who) is a priority when designing one site, much less two.

This white paper, “Designing Departmental Sites“, seeks to address some of the questions you’ll have when designing your departmental sites. It discusses why you really should have two sites instead of one, explains some of the important considerations for setting up your navigation scheme, and details why learning design and cognitive load are useful to helping users find what they need. When you submit the form below, you’ll get the in-depth information for designing departmental sites instantly.

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