Servant leadership is sometimes discussed as a lofty idea but what does it mean? For us it means sharing our experiences with customers and helping them discover the answers that they already have. We offer a wide array of services to match the diversity of our skills. However, in all of our services our goal is to move our clients forward. We’re servants first and consultants second. We know you’re coming to us to get help with a problem that you want to solve. We should be here to help you solve that problem.  Fundamentally we do three things to help move clients forward.


“Where is the man who counsel can bestow, proud to teach, and not proud to know.” –Alexander PopeSPTechCon-03-Small

Whether the crowd is of 10 or over 1,000 we seek to create a connection between us and the audience. Our goal is to impart small nuggets of wisdom that can enrich the lives of those who privilege us with their attention.

Our speaking ranges from the inspirational speaking of a keynote to the technical delivery of a how-to session that teaches a specific technical skill with stops along the way for helping the audience fit the world into a conceptual model that works.

When it’s not practical to be face-to-face with everyone we lean into our expertise in content creation including video production.

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Content Creation

What makes content truly inspiring? What resonated with a broken country so much as “Four score and seven years ago…”? Our goal is to educate. To educate we must engage. We engage through emotion. We help people understand the long and noble history of their organization, or their team.

We lean on research in psychology. We build on research on adult education. We thrive on understanding how adults learn and make decisions. We design elegant content solutions that deliver business results.

While most content authors believe that their value is in the words they write, we know that our value is in learning what you have to say and getting it “down on paper.” We develop deep experience in the areas that we work with clients on whether that’s diabetes, continuous flow manufacturing, or insurance.

If you’re struggling with helping your team muster the motivation to accomplish the next big hurdle on the strategic plan we can help you create the content that is compelling to them.

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Consider two different scenarios. In the first you’re rowing along the Charles River in front of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Your coach is standing on the shore yelling at you to do better – or making paddling motions in the water. This is a contractor. They’re with you and they may be helpful – but they’re not truly in the boat with you.

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