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How does one refine a skill? Whether you’re Jerry Seinfeld, the Beatles, or Einstein, skills are refined from intentional practice, experimentation, and thought.   Rob Bogue is speaking on average more than 50 times a year in front of small and large groups sharing his irreverent but engaging point of view on technical and business topics.


Seinfeld rose to fame with a show about nothing. His craft was so refined that he could be funny even when Rob Bogue Speakingthere was nothing inherent about the situation that was funny. On stage in front of a club or while recording his show he was comfortable because he has practiced to get his timing and delivery right over years. He sucked up one more insight and one more observation until he quite literally had become better than anyone at his chosen area – comedy.

Einstein was able to come up with the theory of relativity based on this thought experiments about what happens when you shine a light while riding on a beam of light. The comical point of view led to great insight as to the way the universe is formed and works. Rob experimented with standup comedy and improvisation I am a Comedian to improve the way that he weaves humor throughout his talks.   It’s not the tired model of a joke up front to get everyone loosened up. Humor is at the heart of the matter.

Today it’s necessary to leverage the best thinking of others to “stand on the shoulders of giants” and to create a totally different experience. Rob has studied the best minds on speaking, presentations, and psychology. Here are a selection of Rob’s reviews of some of those classic titles :

  • Theory U: Learning from the Future as It Emerges
  • Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap … and Others Don’t
  • Extraordinary Minds: Portraits of 4 Exceptional Individuals and An Examination of Our Own Extraordinariness


Science may not have figured out cold fusion yet, but Rob’s created an energy engine that engages even the driest crowds. From the irreverent questions like “Who wants to join the bureaucracy haters of America club with me?” to the activities designed to create ritualized dissent – Rob will engage the crowd. Always with a book in hand to give away, he is comfortable winging it towards anyone who refuses to be engaged.

His no holds barred approach to getting intimate with the crowd is an experience like a Las Vegas show. He’s just as likely to be standing in the middle of the room – turning the session into a meeting in the round – as he is to be standing at the front presenting content. If your goal is for your audience to have a fun time while engaging deeply in the conversation, Rob won’t disappoint.


We live in a community. We believe in the mission of the clubs and groups that serve their communities. To this end we frequently wave our speaking fees for community events as our way of participating in the mission. Our goal is to educate, inform, and engage so that our communities are better tomorrow than where they are today.

Public Events

We cut our teeth in public events where it’s difficult to know exactly who the audience will be before the session starts. Our adaptable strategies – which sometimes caused us to quite literally throw out the planned presentation – means that no matter who shows up for the talk, we’ll deliver value.

Private Events

Our most real and intimate sessions (private events) where we can understand more about the audience and we can perform quick exercises to reinforce teamwork, collaboration, and mutual respect. Everyone is enriched by the experience. Often both the client and our team walk out of our time together with the impression that we’ve worked together for years. Through the process we feel like trusted friends that have only the best hopes for each other.

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