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What qualifies someone to speak on business topics? Is it the research that they’ve done? Is it the books that they’ve written? Perhaps it’s the clients that they’ve helped? Is it their own business experience?

We’ve read and reviewed dozens of business, psychology, marketing, and other titles. Rob Bogue has authored 25 books. We’ve helped dozens of large and small organizations be more effective. Rob Bogue has more than 15 years of running his own business. We know what we are talking about.

“You were ‘hands-down’ my favorite presenter at the conference.” -Denise Bernier, Vice President, Westconsin Credit Union

Educational TopicsSPTechCon-02-Small

  • Conflict Resolution – Every organization with more than one person faces conflict. In this talk Rob helps people understand that natural conflict is OK and what can be done to reduce the harm that we inflict on others when we’re in a conflict.
  • Effective Meetings – As an organization gets larger, managers  and employees spend more and more of their time in meetings. However,  that meetings are run poorly and that these poorly run meetings waste time and zap productivity. Learn some simple approaches to improve meeting productivity in your organization.

Inspirational Topics

  • Breaking Out of the Box –  Being innovative is built in to each of us. However, somewhere along the way get lost. In this session we discuss how to move outside of the box we’re living in and find our passions.
  • Being Vulnerable – The traditional business world emphasized strength and power. The new world is about organizations with a heart. How do you collectively build the kind of place that everyone wants to work? The heart of building the organization that everyone wants to work in is being vulnerable.

If you want Robert to speak to your group contact us.


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