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January 8, 2007


Article: Empower Your SharePoint Power Users

How much energy have you invested in supporting SharePoint? Have you been asked to help add a column, define a list, or share some advice on the best way to do something in SharePoint? If you have, you’re not alone. What you need is an army — an army of people who can spread the load so that, instead of dozens of questions, you rarely get one at all. Enter the power user. This is a mythical creature of dread for some organizations and a champion of IT in others. When enabled correctly SharePoint power users can give all of the users better support and simultaneously reduce your load building solutions and answering questions. Here’s how to do it. [Website removed]

I’ve been Assaulted (Tagged) someone call someone else who cares

I’ve been assaulted… more precisely tagged by fellow MVP Todd Klindt.  I’ve been thinking about The Wizard of Oz and the quote “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” I generally detest engineered attempts to get to know other people – particularly at company parties.  But I’ll oblige so here goes…

  1. I’m a pilot – who never flies.  That’s not quite true.  I am a licensed private pilot – something I had always wanted to do but I’m finding that time and money never seem to intersect in ways that allow me to enjoy much of it.  My brother is an Airline Transport Pilot – so occasionally I find some time to go flying with him.
  2. I take pictures too.  One of my attempts to make some money is taking pictures.  My IStockPhoto profile has got a few of the things that I’ve published.  I take the camera with me most places these days and try to disprove the belief that taking digital pictures doesn’t cost anything.  If you take enough of them you have to have a budget for the DVD archival of them.
  3. I’m the (volunteer) technical director for Hazel Dell Christian Church.  If you’ve been to a contemporary Christian church you may or may not have noticed all of the technology making the experience immersive.  Sound reinforcement, video projectors, cameras, computer controlled lighting, closed circuit video distribution, etc., are all there to make sure that attendees don’t notice that they are there.  (Sounds paradoxical doesn’t it.)
  4. I recently mounted a laser illuminator to an air rifle.  I have two dogs that are not able to climb trees and get squirrels – and the squirrels know it.  I’ve decided to even the odds a bit (or tip the balance of power you decide.)  I don’t yet have a good kill ratio but I’ve definitely reduced the amount of time that the squirrels sit in the trees and bark.  And yes, I know that an air rifle doesn’t have any accuracy so mounting a laser illuminator to it is like trying to strap a rocket to a Pinto.
  5. I’ve forgotten what I’ve written.  There’s been more than one occasion where I’ve went looking for information and one of the links that came up was one of my own articles.  I used to get annoyed now I am just glad I can find it so I can move on and do something else.  Most of what I’ve written or edited is either in my MVP profile or on my book listing.

So, the folks that I’m tagging are:

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