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For the last 10 years, Rob and the team have been mostly focused on Microsoft SharePoint and helping organizations change by supporting the change with training, coaching, and speaking. In 2016, Terri joined Rob and added healthcare consulting with a specialty of reducing healthcare associated infections to our team’s skill set.  We know that it takes more than just technology to make a change in the organization. It takes an organization that is committed to and knows how to change. Either the desire to change without technology support – or technology without business support is doomed to failure. That’s why we work with organizations to develop them where they’re weak – so they can be successful.

Sometimes that means developing the latent emotional intelligence that already exists inside the organization but needs help to come out. Sometimes that means educating all employees about what emotional intelligence even is – and how it can be helpful in their lives. This is one skill that you can develop in employees to get better performance that can enrich their lives.

Sometimes developing the organization is supporting the strategic planning process through meeting facilitation and exercises designed to help the organization understand what’s most important, what motivates the executive team, and what can be profitable over the long term. Every organization can get mired down in the day-to-day operations and needs the motivation to focus on its purpose filled goals. People get inspired when they know that they’re on the right path.

The team’s broad skills mean that they can accomplish big projects in a fraction of the time that large consulting companies quote to do the work. Instead of handing off to specialists in information architecture who hand off to specialists in software development and so on, we cross train our consultants and support them with experts so you spend less time getting people up to speed and more time getting results.

If you want to know more about Rob or Terri, you should visit the Biography page.

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