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Speaking Experience

We are talking about over 10 years in business.  You could hear Robert in action at his upcoming presentations.  Here is some feedback from attendees.

SPTechCon-05-Small“Very informative.  Thought provoking.  Excellent.” – SPTechCon Boston

“What an amazing speaker!  Great examples.  Very funny way of presenting some complicated human nature.” – SPTechCon Boston

“Very insightful and based on personal experience!  Robert has been on the ‘front line’ and shares his real-world point of view.  Thank You!” – SPTechCon Boston

“Awesome presentation!  The most intense training session I have attended, with the most good information packed into a single day.  Especially good were all the ‘gotchas’, which to get around and how, and which to avoid completely.  Great stuff!” – Microsoft TechEd

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