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April 20, 2008

SharePoint Workflows Preconference Session

Today I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with about 70 folks. We spent the day learning SharePoint workflow from the ground up. We started with what our workflow options were and moved on from there to walk through the out of the box workflows. Once we had seen the Three State and Approval workflows we quickly added in a SharePoint Designer workflow and talked about its limitations. The real fun didn’t start until we fired up Visual Studio and started creating workflows. We started through the packaging of the workflow to make it deployable to SharePoint. Once we had a workflow up and running we started adding log to history activities and send email activities to demonstrate some of the basic power of visual studio workflows. Without missing a beat we moved into custom task edit forms, a custom association edit form, and ended with some custom activities.

As I promised the attendees, the code is available at

I’m considering bundling up this content, and a few other things into a SharePoint Workflow course or DVD. I’d love to hear feedback on interest for such a product.

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