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July 25, 2009

Article: How to Leverage the Gravity of Your Intranet

Most of us have learned about the concept of gravity through our schooling in Newtonian physics. Although, most of us remember it as Sir Isaac Newton getting hit on the head by an apple. We know that objects draw other objects in. Despite the fact that we’ve learned this we’re confronted with our daily observation where we see that two objects sitting on a desk don’t appear to be zooming towards each other through this attraction.

This explains our challenge with understanding gravity as it applies to our Intranets. The concept is one that makes sense — but it’s difficult to see and get a tangible feel for. However, despite its elusive nature gravity does have a profound impact on our lives — and it can have a profound effect on your Intranet.

In this article we’ll talk about how gravity works on the scale of planets and galaxies so that we can see how we can make our intranets larger.



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