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April 6, 2011

Professional SharePoint Development MS TechEd Pre-Conference Session

Eric Shupps and I’ve been talking about Professional SharePoint Development talks at many conferences these days. We’ve settled into an action packed – and funny – all day session. The session is a lot of fun for both Eric and I because we’ve both been talking about doing good development for SharePoint for years. The session draws upon our experiences with numerous SharePoint projects including the work we did on the Microsoft Patterns and Practices SharePoint Guidance and writing the Microsoft Learning 10232A course (Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Applications)

There are lots of little tidbits and insights that Eric and I’ve learned over the years. To give you a quick sense for what happens in the course. I’ve posted a 2 minute video in both WMV and MP4 formats. Eric and I are talking about one aspects of large lists – large numbers of columns. Most folks don’t think much about the structure of the SQL server table under our lists but in this segment we explain what happens when you add more fields to a list than are in the underlying SQL table – and when that happens.

Take a quick look at the video and — if you can – register for our preconference session at Microsoft TechEd.

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