Your content may be stellar, but you’re not an expert on recording technology. You are committed to creating effective online learning and probably have little budget to invest in the equipment you want. What microphone and what camera should you buy? What features do you absolutely need? Get straight talk about what you really need and what you really don’t when it comes to buying microphones and cameras to help you stretch that limited budget even farther. In this session we’ll give you the no-nonsense answers to your questions about how to get a good recording – and good online experience – on any budget. We cover getting good audio, including types of microphones and how to get rid of background noise. We also cover what you need to know about video cameras, including how to do “green screening” (chroma keying) quickly and effectively, and we’ll give you tips for improving your environment. The solutions are practical real-world solutions guaranteed to help you achieve better recordings and create a better online learning experience – every time.

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