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You Have Office 365, but How Do You Manage Your Files?

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How do you know that you’re managing your information the “right” way?  After all, Office 365 has so many options for how to manage files.  How do you know if the way you’re doing it – or planning on doing it – is right?  We have the answer.

We wrote a four-day course, Implementing Information Management on SharePoint and Office 365.  In the course, we teach the fundamentals and the advanced concepts necessary to be successful with implementing information management on SharePoint and Office 365.

It almost 20 years of working with SharePoint and seeing what does and doesn’t work to distill the information into a package that you can view and watch, online and on-demand.  Step-by-step instructions accompany conceptual videos and demonstrations of what you’ll be asked to do.  It’s the fastest and most complete way to learn how to manage information in SharePoint and Office 365.

Contact us to learn more about the course and how to get started.

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