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Home Made Post Cards

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My son and my brother-in-law have a silly game where my brother-in-law pretends to eat my son’s feet.  Don’t ask me how it started because I don’t know.  However, my son as we were leaving started holding his feet up for his uncle to eat.  Thus was born the idea of sending my brother-in-law a post card with my son’s feet on it.

Loving a challenge, I figured out a way to create our own post cards.  First, take some pictures and make a 4×6 print.  (I don’t have a photo printer here at home since I can never make the math work out right so I had to stop by Target.) For the sake of argument, let’s call the cost 39 cents. Second, get a 4×6 index card (blank).  It cost me about 1 cent for the index card.  Third, spray mount (or glue) the index card to the back of the print.  I have no idea on a cost for this one so we’ll call it 10 cents.  Fourth, write the addresses on the back left side of the index card.  (or cheat like I did and use your label maker — it prints postal delivery point barcodes so hopefully the post card won’t get too lost.)  Fifth, write your message on the other side of the card.  Finally, add a postcard stamp to the card and mail it.  The current postal rate for a post card at 4×6 is .24 cents.

The net of this is for somewhere around 65 cents you’ve sent a cute (and sometimes strange) message to family and friends.

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