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A Week of Trauma Processing

If you’ve ever faced trauma in your life – of any kind – please share this to take a stand against continued suffering.

We never teach people how trauma affects us or what we can do to better process trauma.  It’s the stark realization after reviewing hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of training materials, books, articles, and webinars.  We know so much about how trauma – including secondary trauma – changes us, sticks to us, and harms us, but we don’t teach how to process it.  We don’t teach how to move to the other side of trauma, to release compartmentalization and move to processed trauma.

We’re so honored to change this.  We’re going to be teaching a workshop on how trauma impacts first responders and what they can do about it.  We’ll talk about how to avoid PTSD and how to move towards post-traumatic growth (PTG).  We’re going to share simple techniques that first responders can use for themselves and share with their peers.

To celebrate this work and to ensure that the resources that we’ll be providing in class are freely available, we’ll be posting a book review for a trauma book every day from November 27th through December 1st.  Be on the lookout for the tools that you can use to address the trauma that you’ve experienced.  Estimates place the number of people who will experience in their lifetime over 90% – effectively all of us will experience trauma.  We’re hoping that you’ll know what to expect and what to do when it happens – or learn it now so you can process trauma no matter how old it is.

Here’s the list of the trauma books that we’ve already reviewed along with those publishing this week.  (The links will automatically start working when they’re posted at 8AM EST each day.)

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