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Trauma is the Black Hole Around Which Mental Illness, Suicide, Substance Use, and Despair Circle

The world we live in seems to get faster every day.  While the Earth rotates at the same speed, we’re inundated with increasing news and noise.  We see human suffering scattered in the form of mental health, substance use, despair, and suicide.  What is difficult to see in all the noise is the degree to which this suffering comes from the same place.  Trauma obscures its presence through shame and denial.  The cycle of trauma pulls people, communities, and our world into its grasp.

As we continue to learn about trauma and the talons it has in us years after the initial contact, we become more convinced that it is at the root of many of the problems we’re facing as a society and individually today.

In service of helping everyone understand trauma better, so that we can be better prepared when it comes and learn how to process it, we’ll be posting book reviews every day next week for trauma-related books.

We know that almost everyone will have significant trauma in their lives.  If you’ve not experienced a significant trauma yet, it’s likely you will.  You can use these resources to prepare yourself or support those you love.

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