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We’ve developed numerous utilities to help our clients get the most out of their software and to help them diagnose their problems. The list below is a small sampling of the tools that we license to clients to help solve their problems.



  • Carousel – A SharePoint App that wraps the jCarousel library and allows you to quickly and easily manage carousels
  • Automatic Redirect – Sometimes you need to get people to the right place but there’s not a fixed url. By leveraging a SharePoint list with permissions you can have users automatically redirected to their home site if necessary.
  • Import Best Bets – With this command line tool you can import a spreadsheet of “best bets” (or promoted results) into SharePoint 2013
  • Content Type Synchronization – While SharePoint offers a content type hub, it doesn’t synchronize all the properties and is always running. With this tool you can force synchronization of content types and ensure that content type children inherit from their parents correctly.
  • Google Analytics – This solution allows you to add Google Analytics code to your web site without modifying the master page.
  • Image Rotator – This carousel is a SharePoint solution and allows you to select a carousel of images to rotate through.
  • Move File – This SharePoint Solution allows you to move a file from one location to another in SharePoint – to any location
  • SEO Tools – Adds the appropriate SEO keywords, description, etc., to your pages without modifying your master pages. Allows you to specify page specific values – or values which apply to the entire organization.
  • Tab View – This SharePoint solution allows you to organize data from a list into helpful tabs dynamically. This emulates the kind of experience you get from a dictionary where multiple letters appear on a page.
  • AD Redirect – This SharePoint Web Part will redirect users to their home page setting in active directory
  • SharePoint Import Migration – Imports files from a file directory – including metadata – into SharePoint
  • Secure 2 Me – This SharePoint 2010 Workflow changes the permissions of an item to remove groups and add individual user permission to ensure that the items are only available to the user and the user’s manager – not to the user’s peers.
  • WF Inspector – Allows you to look at detailed information about SharePoint 2010 workflows.
  • SPWPAdmin – Allows you to administer web parts on pages remotely – including web parts that the user interface won’t allow you to manage.
  • Random Item – This web part retrieves a random item from a list and displays it. Useful for tips, employee of the month type implementations.


  • Book Publishing – A set of utilities that allow you to create books from individual files. Used for the creation of the SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users Book


  • Load Generator – A set of tools for generating request based load. Designed as an inexpensive ways to load test web sites.
  • Log File Management – A set of tools designed to make it easier to process nearly any kind of log file.

If you have questions about any of this software please feel free to contact us.

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