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Now Available: The Road Ahead White Paper

Knowledge management and records management can seem like they’re on opposite sides of the table. One side argues to create and retain more information, because then it becomes more findable. The other side wants to be able to properly dispose of documents to reduce the costs of maintaining them. In truth, they often have the same need for organization, and they face the same discoverability challenges, the same barriers to effective labeling and tagging, and the same questions of where to store things. 

To bring the parties together and lay out a roadmap for success, we’ve developed a whitepaper that discusses what happens when these two seemingly opposing forces meet: “The Road Ahead: Knowledge Management and Records Management Converge with Office 365.” We teamed up with Colligo, HELUX Systems, and Vana Solutions to bring you a comprehensive discussion on how to achieve information governance that satisfies both the knowledge management and records management needs. Whether you’re a well-versed veteran looking to the future of information governance or just starting out on your journey, this paper will guide you on the road ahead. 

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