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Developing Office 365 Personas


Communicating with people is hard. Getting people to listen and connect with what you’re saying can be difficult even when you’re one-on-one with them. Communicating with an entire group of people with different wants and needs, hopes and dreams, worries and fears… That’s really hard. When it’s your job to communicate with the audiences in your organization, it can seem like you’re shouting, but no one is listening.

That’s why we developed this white paper. We explain how you can use personas to turn the big groups of people in your organization into someone relatable that you can talk to. We discuss what exactly a persona is and some of the key aspects you should be sure to include in its design. You and your team of corporate communicators will have an easier time getting the right information to the right people – and your audiences will thank you. Just submit the form below to get this white paper.

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