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Managing Controlled Documents in SharePoint

managing controlled documents

In our modern world, we rely on the internet more heavily than ever when it comes to keeping track of our information. However, this also means that we need to be more careful with how we store important information. Most organizations are subject to legislation, regulation, or internal policies that require a system for controlling documents. Controlled documents are designed to improve the trust in an organization.

This white paper, “Managing Controlled Documents in SharePoint“, explains a standard process for managing controlled documents in SharePoint regardless of the legal, regulatory, or internal needs. It discusses how controlled documents were managed before electronic filing was the standard, and how those processes may still influence how we control documents electronically. This white paper also describes many of the features in SharePoint that can both reduce the effort necessary and the number of errors made when managing these critical documents. When you sign up using the form below, you’ll instantly get access to this in-depth information.

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