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The Actors in Training Development


We’ve all been through it. We’ve all sat in the classrooms or lecture halls trying to understand the materials placed before us. Maybe you walked out pleased at having learned something new; maybe you left bored, relieved to be headed towards lunch and out of the stuffy, too-crowded room.

But before the training even hits the screen, there is a team of people who developed the learning materials. Without these individuals, the training simply isn’t possible. Who’s responsible for gaining funding? Who will deliver the content? Who makes sure the online assessments are actually online?

There are crucial actors to developing training, and while multiple roles might be filled by one person, or multiple people might be involved in a single role, good training is made or broken by these roles. This white paper, “The Actors in Training Development,” discusses the process of developing training materials, the roles that are played in its development, and the expectations, forecasts, and ups and downs of each role. Just fill out the form below to get the white paper now.

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