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Technical Consulting


Technical Consulting

Technology consulting isn’t about the technology. It’s about the solutions. It’s about delivering value to the organization.CircuitBoard

Over the years we’ve implemented traditional and revolutionary technologies for a variety of clients in sectors as diverse as government, health care, and manufacturing. It’s not that the industry segment isn’t important – rather it’s the fact that we develop deep experience in multiple industries that drives our value. Whether it’s the persistent identity challenges of a health care environment with shared workstations or the challenges of ambient information in a manufacturing environment, we know how to use technology to deliver solutions that work.

We view technology as a tool no different than a hammer or a saw. Sometimes you need one, sometimes you need the other – and sometimes you need both. However, without the plans – without a blueprint – neither will do you much good.

We’ve listed some of our areas of technical expertise below – however, these are just some of the technologies that we can help with:

  • SharePoint – With more projects, experience, educating, and standard setting in the SharePoint space than anyone else on the planet, no matter what your SharePoint problem we can help.
  • SQL Server – Data is at the core of the world we live in today. Knowing how to structure data so that it can yield useful information and how to squeeze performance out of SQL Server we help clients get answers – quickly.
  • Wide Area Networks – Most large organizations spend substantial sums of money on wide area networking each year. However, most struggle with reliability and the ability to resolve problems. With deep experience on the performance and reliability problems occur in large organizations we can help resolve even the most challenging issues.
  • Identity – For over 40 years we’ve been logging into computers the same way. Our login systems haven’t been able to encompass the concept of trust. Newer applications and progressive organizations realize that managing user accounts is a painful burden on IT and that managing user accounts for users who don’t work for your organization is even more painful. We create and deliver an array of identity solutions that reduce management costs and streamline access for the user. For our client’s single sign on isn’t a dream. It’s a reality.
  • Integration – Whether you’re trying to integrate to an automated conveyor system or a blood glucose meter, we’ve got the skills and experience to complete the project successfully.

You don’t see that our experience fits your need? Reach out to us and we’ll help you find a partner who can help you.

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