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Four Things you’re missing in your backup strategy

Backup Strategies aren’t always about when to backup and what to backup. They are often about how to create the right systems to allow you to discover problems when they occur.

When most people think of a backup strategy they think about tape rotation and backup schedules. While these are important parts of a backup strategy they’re not the whole story. As an organization begins to assimilate more and more servers, a reliable backup strategy becomes more challenging. Instead of one tape drive that backs up the entire network, libraries become necessary. Instead of doing one backup job and schedule, you need several. Here are four fundamentals for developing your backup strategy.

Plan for growth

Most organizations have begun to start monitoring their disk storage needs. While disk storage is cheap, the cost of maintaining all those files, including archives and backups, starts to become a real expense. When an organization plans its disk needs, it needs to review its growth and determine how much extra disk space will need to be purchased over the next year.

But here’s the rub. Adding more disk space is relatively easy. You just add new drives to the disk array or you swap out smaller disks for larger ones. The process takes time but it’s relatively transparent. Upgrading tape capacity isn’t so easy for most organizations.


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