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Display a Random Item from a SharePoint List: Beta Testing

One of the annoying things for me has been trying to get a web part that would show a random item from a list.  I’ve wanted to feature projects, employees, questions/answer sets, etc. on the home page to keep it new without having to finely control what data was exposed on the home page.

I’ve completed the coding for a Random Item web part which takes a random item from a list and displays it using the formatting that the user/developer provides.  It has the ability to support previous and next buttons as well as the ability to cache the results for a period of time so that the entire page isn’t in a constant state of flux.

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I’ve still got to finish the documentation and create a few example DWPs, but I’m looking for folks who are interested in beta testing the web part and letting me know what additional features it needs.

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  1. Were you able to display random users/employees? Thanks.

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