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How to Gather Windows SharePoint Services Requirements

Getting good requirements for a SharePoint project is in some ways more critical than for a project that’s based on more widely understood technologies. The fact that SharePoint isn’t widely understood by clients — whether internal or external — means the potential for misunderstandings is much greater. For this reason, it’s more critical to discuss each feature of SharePoint to understand of how the feature works out-of-the-box and to understand how the organization envisions those features. Whether you choose to design and architect your SharePoint technologies solution yourself or decide to work with an outside partner to perform the architecture and design steps, you’ll find that having a foundation in solid requirements makes the development process run smoother and results in a better solution for your business needs.

Help Your SharePoint User [Article removed from the website]


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  2. Sorry about that. They took that domain offline, I’ve corrected the link.

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