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Article: How Software Development is Like Fast Food Restaurants

I’m not a big fan of fast food restaurants. Their food isn’t always healthy. The menus are necessarily constrained so that it’s easy to get bored with the food they offer. While I’m not a connoisseur of great foods, I know that gourmet and fast food don’t often get used in the same conversation. Most attempts to make fast food gourmet have failed miserably.

However, I end up eating from a fast food restaurant a few times a week. Why is that? Well, because it fits well with my schedule, it’s convenient, and strictly speaking it solves the primary problem. It is food and after eating it, I’m not hungry.

Software development has many of the same issues as someone going to a fast food restaurant. Everyone agrees that there are healthier ways to eat and better ways to develop software but in the end, they settle for what is convenient and what works within their constraints, be it time, money, or something else.

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