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Article: How SharePoint and SOA Fit Together

What do you get when you take SharePoint, a wildly popular product, and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), a widely misunderstood but sought after technique for improving the agility of an IT department, and put them into a single article? Hopefully you get a popular article where people poke their heads in to learn if this is another combination like peanut butter and chocolate, or if it’s more akin to spinach and strawberries.

Services Oriented Architecture is a perspective on how to build systems that emphasize reusability, loose coupling, and standards-based approaches. SharePoint is a specific portal technology that is focused on getting information into the hands of the users who need it as quickly and as simply as possible.

Help Your SharePoint User

In this article, we’ll explore how SOA and SharePoint work together to help organizations that are struggling with minimizing costs and maximizing benefits

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