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Article: More Effective Requirements Gathering with Microsoft OneNote

The requirements gathering process is very difficult. Getting the information from the subject matter experts and packaging it into a coherent set of thoughts that the architect and developers can understand is among the hardest parts of developing software.

There’s been little help with this process over the past few decades as we’ve struggled with other tools, techniques, and technologies in the rest of the software development process. For most folks the technology of requirements gathering has remained a pen and a pad of paper. However time tested this may be it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of efficiency and the ability to completely capture what the subject matter expert is saying.

Microsoft’s OneNote tool may be the perfect replacement for the pen and paper. With its ability to create outlines, add flags, and highlight it’s like Microsoft Word, which some hard-core functional analysts have used to take notes, with a few enhancements. When you add in the ability to record audio and create screen clippings you now have a platform that can change the way that requirements are gathered.


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